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I'm afraid I no longer accept requests to add links to this section.


www.jugglingedge.com My favourite juggling portal and forum. The events page is a good listing of festivals and circus conventions.

www.unicycle.org.uk The Union of UK Unicyclists (UUU), a club for unicyclists in the UK.

twh.lpbk.net The excellent Tricks With Hats website devoted to hat manipulation has sadly been taken down due to domain name problems, but there is currently a mirror of it on Little Paul's website.


Unfortunately there are no longer any dedicated juggling shops in Bristol. These are the mail-order websites I now use:

www.butterfingers.co.uk Mail order juggling warehouse in Devon.

www.globall.com Aerotech, makers of the famous Globalls and Gloclubs.

www.unicycle.uk.com The Unicycle Source UK, an excellent mail order unicycle shop. Probably the best place to buy unicycles in the UK.


www.circomedia.com Full time circus school in Bristol.

invisiblecircus.co.uk/invisible-youth/ Invisible Youth is the new social circus wing of Bristol's "Invisible Circus" using circus and positive role models to engage young people and vulnerable groups.


Personal websites of circus people in Bristol:

www.richardloxley.com Personal pages of Richard Loxley, the author of this website.

www.redpedals.co.uk Danny and Catherine Colyer.

www.mannveille.com/tim Tim Mannveille, an ex-Bristol juggler (now in London)